The data acquisition requirements of full scales can be easily realized.

A variety of advanced questions are available.

Cover 20 + basic questions. It can be used to drag and drop questions, delimit words, delimit pictures and other advanced questions. It covers a variety of project design requirements and perfectly realizes all kinds of data collection.

Powerful logical settings.

Easily set up logic. Users can quickly loop questions and randomize options.

Complete questionnaire without writing code.

Generate professional questionnaires without code. Special requirements can be implemented with a small amount of code.

Customizable UI design. Extensive collection of multi-channel data.

Customize the UI design in line with the brand tone.

Users can design their own access interface.

Automatic adjustment of multi terminal display effect. Display enterprise exclusive color system and logo.

Questionnaires were distributed through multiple channels. Clear understanding of interviewees' sources.

Questionnaires can be distributed through multiple channels, such as SMS, WeChat, email, web, app, online customer service, Questionnaires can be distributed through multiple channels, such as SMS, wechat, email, web, app, online customer service, robot, etc.

Reach the interviewee with one touch;

1v1 link can be set for precise delivery. Let customers master the first-hand data sources;

Users can add rewards such as bonus, turntable lottery to enhance the effect of delivery, speed up the questionnaire collection.

Analyze survey results intelligently through automated reporting.

Use rich visual reports to make research reports.

It covers bar chart, line chart, pie chart, etc. Quickly generate professional analysis report.

Insight user behavior data with word cloud analysis

Multi dimensional intelligent report and cross analysis of different requirements can be realized.

Reports can be share and export.

Research data can be quickly shared and exported. The data name is modifiable.

Conditions can be screened, making research faster.

Automatic analysis of text content.

Intelligent analysis of customer feedback by NLP technology.

Find key issues of customer experience in it.

Global languages available.

The first multilingual information collection system in China.

Built in multiple languages to collect information.

In a questionnaire survey, we collected information from 178 countries at the same time.


Powerful questionnaire function and efficiency improvement.

With powerful list function, intelligent judgment copy and paste.

Use drag-and-drop to optimize questionnaire making experience and realize efficient and fast investigation.


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